February 26-March 1, 2018

Out of an upper room all-church prayer meeting, the church of Acts burst forth with a Spirit-power to proclaim the gospel and a Christ-walk that displayed the supernatural hand of God. However, Satan and societal strongholds soon struck back with an intimidating threat: Don’t speak again in that Name!

It seems believers in the West have forgotten how to respond to such anti-Christ pressure. Introspection, accommodation, acquiescence, and ultimately silence too often mark the conduct of those seeking to make Christ fit into a world that would just as soon crucify Him. We must take our cue from the early church. In the face of opposition and fear, it’s time to access bold grace!



in prayer

BOLD GRACE knows prayer that addresses One who is seated on a throne of victory.

in witness

BOLD GRACE knows gospel witness that will not be silent about the One who died and rose again and now commands all men everywhere to repent.

in stand

BOLD GRACE knows loyalty to the One whose standards are true and altogether righteous.

in persecution

BOLD GRACE knows perseverance and supernatural breakthrough wherever persecution would defy the One in whose name we speak and live.

The Standing Orders

for the church remain in full force: the gospel to every creature! More than ever, this is the day to speak the things that we have seen and heard. To be silent is to be traitor, but to be bold is to join another display of God’s amazing grace in the battle for souls.

Are you tired of the lame excuses and lowered expectations that mark our day? Are you tired of the lurking fear that binds and blinds so many believers? This is the greatest hour for the cause of Christ. We must overcome the enemy’s threats and strongholds. It’s time to access...


Conference Speakers

& Session Topics

Wayne Van Gelderen

Bold Grace

Michael Edwards

Bold to Evangelize by the Authority of Grace

Rick Flanders

The Enticement of Cultural Relevance

Jim Schettler

Boldness with Holiness as a Witness

Jim Van Gelderen

Boldness in Prayer
Importance of Personal Separation in Grace

Wayne Hardy

Still Church

David O'Gorman


Mark Gillmore

To the Uttermost


with Dr. Ed Nelson

Bold Grace in Action

Dr. Ed Nelson has planted over 30 churches, traveled in itinerant evangelism, and led in the burden for foreign missions. He has been a strong voice for Biblical separatism, empowered by a spirit of love. You will be encouraged as Dr. Nelson shares the stories of what God has done as one man lived with BOLD GRACE!


Conference CD


An MP3 CD containing the preaching from the sessions of The Bold Grace Conference, the 2018 Victory Conference at Falls Baptist Church. This MP3 CD contains 14 messages and a PDF file of the Conference Notebook containing detailed notes for each session.
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